Fred Chong Rutherford

Director of Product Management, Huge Asshole, Self Important Jerk 

Talks about #RulingbyFiat #HugeEgo #FailingUpwards #Isuck

I'm a digital product developer, and while I claim that empathy is the key to everything I do; I am in fact delusional, grandiose, and inflexible, with a small mind and a big Napoleon complex. 

My name is Fred Chong Rutherford, and I help people make cool digital stuff, which is now my whole identity. I'm an expert at production workflows, processes, and helping companies to bully and belittle their employees. I like to flaunt claims that I am understanding and compassionate, when in reality I have neither self awareness nor empathy. 

See my supercilious pageantry on my many social accounts. 


Terry Plaith 

Senior HTML Content Producer

"Zero stars. He makes me want to jump out the window daily"

Jackson Dright

Head of Product

"I'd rather do my taxes and get kicked in the balls than listen to Fred for one minute"

Daniel Aimes

Chief Technology Officer

"I literally can't think of a single nice thing to say about this guy."